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The Right Touch

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Private Sushi Events

What could be more fun that having a private sushi party at home with a handful of your best friends or family? Just you, your best friends, and delicious sashimi and sushi! Experience this one-of-a-kind event with Chef Alfi Today!

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Private Sushi & Pasta Classes

Chef Alfi brings his expertise to your home, and shows you how to properly cook and season the finest Japanese Sushi Rice, as well as cute sashimi-grade fish for sashimi, nigiri, handrolls, and cut rolls. He'll even show you how to make his signature Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice!

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Chef Alfi is also able to cater larger events. Contact him today for more details!

Sliced Tuna

Have a special Culinary Event in Mind?

If you would like to book a private dinner or event that is more custom-tailored, please contact me below:

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